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Tips to Selecting the Right Chiropractor


Before finalizing on a particular chiropractor, it is recommended that prospective patients first consider their list of qualifying needs and preferences. This will allow the patient to ascertain that the chiropractor in question qualifies as a suitable candidate to fulfill his or her requirements and particular demands. Don’t follow the all too common practice of running to the first chiropractor you find to help alleviate aches and pains. Make an informed decision before finalizing on a chiropractor.


Let’s discuss some qualifying factors before finalizing on a particular chiropractor.


What kind of treatment are you seeking and is there a good match to this particular chiropractor’s specialty and areas of expertise? Most Chiropractors do not treat exactly the same with the same techniques. There are many techniques and types of treatments from which to choose. There are many methods to perform Chiropractic Adjustments. Some Chiropractors employ physiotherapeutic techniques and modalities as well as other treatment methods. Prospective patients should verify which chiropractic techniques a particular chiropractor specializes in to ensure a preferred treatment schedule.


In addition to treating with various chiropractic techniques, many chiropractors will combine their treatments with home care suggestions such as diet plans, exercise regimens, and appropriate working postures. Prospective patients should evaluate a chiropractor's home care tendencies to ascertain that they are in line with their daily routine.


Another important but often neglected consideration in selecting the right chiropractor is his or her bedside manner. Most health care professionals tend to ignore the possibility that a patient should be involved in, and understand their treatment and healing process. If you feel that you deserve the right to understand what’s going on within your body, make certain that your chosen chiropractor likes to keep his or her patients well informed and up to date. Patients should be kept informed of test results and treatment methods and educated as to what they mean in relationship to their particular experience. Carefully choosing the right chiropractor will keep you well informed and educated providing for a more enhanced experience.


The most common way to choose a chiropractor is through a referral. Try to ask a friend about his or her experience with a particular chiropractor. Try to find out some of the chiropractor’s credentials discussed above like specialties, types of treatments and bedside manner. Have your friend elaborate on the treatment procedures without getting into any personal specifics. Did the chiropractor listen attentively to the patient and respond with care and concern? When did the chiropractor begin the treatment process: immediately following a brief routine checkup or only after reviewing the patient’s history, running a thorough examination and assessing the patient’s overall health and condition? Did the treatment plan help with their immediate problems, decrease the likelihood of future recurrence, and improve their overall health? These are the types of questions that can really help you decide if a chiropractor is right for you as well as prepare you for the overall treatment process.


Selecting a suitable chiropractor whose treatments and techniques are in sync with your personal preferences and who can even keep you informed through exquisite bedside manner, can make the difference between a successful and educated treatment process versus a problem that “keeps coming back…”!


Try to get a chiropractor that is patient, warm, caring, will keep you informed and of course has a great rate of success with his or her treatments and patients.


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Dr. Tom Genstil performs a thorough history and examination process. His treatments consist of an array of various techniques with a wealth of experience treating many types of conditions. He likes to keep his patients informed of their conditions and treatments as well as educated with methods to prevent similar issues from recurring in the future.



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